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"A film of wit, candor and sweetness... played with immense comic skill by Brooke Adams and Ben Masters" -- The New York Times

"A winning adaptation of an Off-Broadway show [by Kevin Wade]... consistently clever and funny."

"Key Exchange was meant to be a movie all along! It is the best Manhattan comedy this side of Woody Allen" -- Kirk Honeycutt, Los Angeles Daily News

"The writing is far ... far more clever than we're used to in recent movies... the New York locations are full of raffish seductions nd Barnett Kellman's direction has a warm, professional smoothness."-- Michael Wilmington, The Los Angeles Times

"For once, a film version of a successful play... an improved, expanded version of the original. The comedy here is light and light-handed and bolstered by dozens of pieces of particularness."--- Jay Carr, The Boston Globe